Good Qualities That an Actress Must Have

Sizzling Kristen Stewart wallpapers can be seen on the desktop screens of many people around the globe who admire her. To use HD Wallpapers of various famous personalities is a common trend, especially among the youth. We often give preference to the Bollywood actress wallpaper especially of the actress who is our role model. To be a role model one needs to have certain qualities. Here we will highlight the good qualities that an actress must have. These are as follows:


There is a huge difference between working as a stage actor and working in a film industry. For the latter the responsibility is tentatively higher. You ought to be good at listening.  A good actress is someone who instead of imposing her ways is willing to lend ears to those who need to get the work done as per the script.

Natural acting

A good actress is full of authenticity. There is an air of naturalness in her acting. The situation that the actress is in and the role that she plays is able to be justified with the way she works. There is a sense of truthfulness not only in the situation but also in the character that she plays.  It is only these qualities that will make the audience feel connected and experience the reality on screen.


To be a part of the entertainment industry, an actor is expected to be physically attractive. It is only this feature that further helps grab the art of media exposure. A good actress is the one who is prepared for work and prepared to face the camera. Not only is she prepared to play the character but also ready to face the audience and answer all their questions.

All in all, these are the good qualities that an actress must have. In the absence of any of these, how so ever beautiful an actress might be she will never be able to rank number one in the eyes of the audience. Before making any one your role model you must look for these qualities.

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