Must Haves in Best Android Phones

With an increase in the communication needs it has become important for us to have the best android phones. For a phone to be the best there are certain must haves. Here are the must haves in best Android Phones.

Availability of 4G Service

You can term the Android phone to be the best and most suitable if it is in compliance with the latest technology like the best Xiaomi Phones in 2018. If we talk about today’s, then it must be able to support the high-speed 4G networks which is a compulsion in todays’ best Android Phones because phones we need today are basically for the super-speedy networks keeping aside the basic functions. All the Android phones out there in the market however, do not support the same. This makes it mandatory for you to see if your carrier offers a 4G network or not. Go in for buying one of the budget 4G Smartphones out there.

Suitable design

There is a plethora of manufacturers who make Android phones which means that you have a variety of options to select a handset. And go in for one that suits your needs your needs. The foremost thing to check is the presence of the full keyboard. Android phones today come as the devices that are touch-screen-only which are obviously good at appearance but sometimes these are not as user friendly to everyone as their keyboard-equipped counterparts are. Next thing that you need to take into consideration is the screen size of the phone and the resolution that it offers.  The super-sized screens that are 4-inches to 4.3-inches are an ease for the eyes but then the problem arise that a bigger screen might be a trouble to your pocket. You might not feel comfortable at holding and placing it in your pocket. Same goes the case with the screen’s resolution, higher resolution will offer you crisper and clearer display. Therefore, prior to buying a phone you should physically assess it so that you get the desired clarity.

All in all, these are the must haves in Best Android Phones that you must assess prior to buying one for yourself.

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