Things to Consider Before Buying Android Phone

Some of the Video Editing Apps for iPhone are available in the android phones also but not in all the android phones. This implies that to make the best use of the phone you need to be specific about two things. Here are things to consider before buying android phone.


If you are planning to buy a new android phone then remember that timing are really important. Every day you get to hear of new android phones being launched. Thus, a new phone today might go out of trend within few months if not week. In no case are we telling you to hold off buying a new phone at present. All that we intent to say is, take time to conduct a proper research about the changing trends in the market. Make it a point that the android phone you buy today sustains for at least few months before going obsolete. Purchase the new phone only after you are sure that it has all the features that you will be wanting in the times to come. If you buy one today see that it supports all the New apps 2018. Be it the Android Music Player Apps or others it must support all.


The Android platform is so vast that there is an open competition among the manufacturers. The android phone might possess the same operational system but not the same functionality and procedure. There is a difference in the appearance and feel of each OS. The one made by company A will surely be different from the one that is made by company B. Application of overlays on the top of the Android OS by few companies result in total alteration of the interface. Some Touch Wiz interface while others offer interface, that assemble information from a diverse variety of social networks. These are so made that there remains a scope for updating the same on regular. Thus, you need to keep this in mind that these overlays or interfaces vary from manufacturer to manufacture as well as from phone to phone.

All in all, these are the things to consider before buying android phone so that you need not change your handset in the near future.

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