Must Check Features in Android Phones

Best Android Apps can only be run successfully in the best android phones. Be it the EBook Reader Apps for Android Phone or the photo editing apps, these depend on the resolution of your screen and the camera of your phone. The software of your phone must be compatible to run Coupons Apps for Android on your phone. This makes it important for you to evaluate certain features on your phone. Here is the must check features in android phones.


Camera remains to be one of the most important features of the android phone. With each differing android phone the camera also tends to vary slightly if not much. There are many phones that facilitate the access to 3-megapixel cameras while many of the phones allow you an access to the 8 megapixels. There are phones that have only rear camera while many have both front and rear cameras. Only a few android phones have camera that record the videos apart from capturing the still photos that too in HD. Thus, you need to ensure that the android phone you choose to buy has the camera that satisfy you requirements.


There are diverse types of Android phones and not all run on the same version of the Android OS. Though many of them has the potential to get up to date to the latest version of the OS the moment it becomes available but not all of them. This is te weak point of the android phones that you need to consider well prior to buying one. This is an utmost important question that you need to put forth to the seller prior you buy the phone. You need to be well aware about the version of the Android OS that the phone runs the moment you purchase it. Also, ensure that you put forth the question to the carrier as to when it will be able to get updated to the newer version from the time the latest one becomes available. Though it is difficult to update the schedule of android, however it is bought to possibility by the open-source background that it has.

All in all, these are the must check features in android phones that will help you make the best use of your phone.

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