Latest Tech Advances That Will Transform the World

Technology has become a part of our daily existence, whether we like it or not.  It doesn’t matter if we want technology advancement or not, it is happening. Scientists and inventors are constantly working on bringing out developed versions and updates in every form and things.

Last year, we saw emergence of a great variety of virtual reality games, headsets, smart speakers, mobile phone models, household gadgets, new Software for Laptop and mobiles and such that will make things easier for everyone.

Year 2018 has already seen a change in trend for most technology that we have been using. And, further there are tech advances that are all set to transform the world; let’s have a look at them.

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  • Artificial Intelligence

Think AI and we tall visualize Hollywood movies. But, it has become a reality and moved on into various applications and sectors. Artificial Intelligence is no longer limited to one goal but has permeated to almost every app, software, design, platform and the trend is going to see a boom in the coming months.

  • White collar automation

Forages, we have been hearing that robots will take over the humans and their jobs. Quite irrational thought, I must say. The Artificial Intelligence will certainly not over take the jobs, but there will high level automation in the work process and will become an ally in the work culture.

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  • Seamless conversations

Last year we saw a surge in the voice searching trend and this year we are seeing an improvement in the voice recognition feature; there has been a vast improvement. A test conducted by Microsoft has given less than 5% error rate that is less than human recognition.

  • Bots to go on a rise

Whether we call an airline or a bank, we speak to human like bots that have quite a natural language. This will expand in the near future. The trend will shift from bots being just a customer agent to financial advisors, personal assistants and such.

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