Latest Gaming Apps for Your Android and iOS Phones

Any gamer out there would understand the importance of good gaming apps irrespective of the operating system, be it Android or iOS. Devoted gamers want excellent graphics, surround sound, VFX, and such features that provide out of the world gaming experience.

Gamers hate to miss out on their games, even when they are away from home on holidays. In our endeavour to bring the latest Mobile Phones News we have brought for those loyal and active gamers, Latest Game Apps 2018 that will make your gaming experience exceptional, whether you are using an iOS or an Android device.

  • Reigns: Her Majesty

Reigns: Her Majesty is a follow up game of Reigns and is even better than the first part. It has better characters, better abilities and items offered that make it an even better experience than its previous counterpart. The games woks better on 4G Mobile Phones.

  • Iron Marines

Available on both iOS and Android phones, Iron Marines is the latest roll out from the developer Iron Hide Studios. They have simply reversed its popular Kingdom Rush tower defence series. Here, the control is in the hands of the player who can control the squad of soldiers on a real time strategy maps.

  • Monument Valley 2

The sequel to the most popular and exciting game, Monument Valley 2 comes with some astonishing atmosphere, designs and an experience that is, simply, out of the world. It is a story of the mother and the child and moves forward and grips the interest of gamers.

  • HQ Trivia

A live trivia show that has captured the attention of many in its iOS version is soon being launched in Android too; HQ Trivia is hosted live, twice a day, where the players stand a chance to earn real money. The game has managed to gain popularity since its inception.

  • Hidden Folks

Imagine looking for people and things in a huge hand drawn environment! That’s exactly what Hidden Folks is all about. Although, one can play the game on a phone, it is best suited for bigger screen where minor details can be viewed in detail.

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