5 Unique Android Apps You Never Knew About

Android users have millions of apps for almost everything. Whether it is for reading, photo capturing and storage, reminder, to-do lists and such, there is an app or let’s say thousands of app just for the task you want to.

According to recent Tech News, there are also a certain number of apps that are unique and not many people know about them and they are surprisingly, Free Apps for Android devices.

We decided to explore the plethora of apps in the Google Play Store and come up 5 uniquely new apps that will make using your Android phone even better.

  1. Navbar Apps

Usually navigation bars in Android is quite plain and boring. Try the new Navbar that allows you to customize your navigation bar by adding widgets, colors and more. You can even add pictures in the premium version. So far, we root for the Navbar Apps for its easy customization option.

  1. Hermit

Having too many apps on your phone can have an effect on the performance of the device and its battery life too. Installing Hermit will solve all your problems. The app creates Lite version of your apps.in other words, it creates an app in Lite and with the web version of the service.

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  1. KinScreen

An app that is designed to work on your orders, KinScreen gives you the freedom to switch on or off the screen by just tiling, waving, motioning and such similar actions.  This works for you when you have something important going on, on the phone and you do not want the screen to turn off.

  1. Stitch It

The perfect screenshot tool has just arrived in Android. The app is well-known and well-loved by many for its easy usage and simple interface. The app allows you to stitch together the screenshots and also, makes it easy for you to share the screenshots stitched together.

  1. Drupe

One stop for all your contacts and the various communication actions, Drupe is the ultimate caller helper for your phone. In the left side are listed all your contacts and on right side of the screen are various actions like call, message, whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Source : https://softwaresforiphone8.webnode.com/l/a5-unique-android-apps-you-never-knew-about/

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