4 Apps That Are Must for Every Android Phones

Android has created a niche for itself or let’s say, has a lion’s share in the market space despite tough competitors. Latest Technology News 2018 estimates that the Google Play Store has about 3.5 million apps and the number is ever-increasing, i.e. at least 10 apps get added to the Play Store.

It might be daunting to the users to choose from such huge and wide collections of apps and find one that suits your needs.

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We cannot say we have found ‘the’ best apps, since claiming that would be like finding a needle in the hay. Here’s a list of 4 best apps that an Android phone must have and that work Latest Mobile Phone too.

  1. LastPass

We often create unique passwords for various accounts and profiles, and in efforts to hide them from others, we get so secretive that we forget the password ourselves. Here’s the solution for the problem that each of us have faced at least once. LastPass is a unique password manager that not only remembers your passwords but also helps in creating one for you based on the information that gets auto saved, thereby, saving you time and effort.

  1. NordVPN

An anti-virus program that helps you protect your device in public Wi-Fi networks, NordVPN works like a personal bodyguard of your device. You can also hide your IP address from outsiders using the app.

  1. Snapseed

One app that merges as a full-fledged image editor and a filter app, Snapseedis sleek and comes asan attractive package. Created by Google, this app gives you complete control regarding the tools and filters that should be applied on an image. It is a must have app for photography lovers who use their phones for clicking pictures.

  1. Greenify

If you open too many apps on your phone, the device is bound to get slower due to burden on the processor. Greenify works to put an end to this by identifying the apps in the background that are slowing down the phone and turning them off. There are times when you are in need of battery life and here is when Greenify comes to the rescue.

Source : https://softwaresforiphone8.tumblr.com/post/173153364007/4-apps-that-are-must-for-every-android-phones

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